TMR needs to avoid Gusmao trap

April 27, 2016

East_Timor_mcdonnell_01B ***Winner 2014 International Loupe Award for Photojournalism***East_Timor_mcdonnell_01B ***Winner 2014 International Loupe Award for Photojournalism***A boy with a toy gun runs towards a UN vehicle in Culuhun, a suburb of Dili

*This image won the 2014 International Loupe Awards for Photojournalism

Caption: A young boy with a toy gun run towards a UN vehicle in Culuhun.


LIKE a bit of trash put out for the garbage man, Timor Leste’s current Pm Dr. Rui Araújo is set to be discarded by the grand puppet master Xanana Gusmao.

Appointed PM in February 2015, PM Rui was hand picked by Gusmao as his replacement.

However, as Gusmao edges closer to rejoining Fretilin – he is also set to dump his “buddies” at CNRT – Dr Rui is no longer useful in Gusmao’s grand unpleasant scheme for the future of Timor Leste.

It is believed former head of Timor Leste’s defence forces Major General Lere Anan Timor is looking at stepping out of his formal military uniform and pursue a lucrative political career.

Gusmao is believed to be trying to entice Major General Lere Anan Timor to become the new leader of Fretilin and the once great political party looks to discard Mari Alkatiri and long time loyalist Lu Olo. Both will be forced to retire or step down by Gusmao’s heavies within the party.

The entire game concocted by Gusmao is to trap current President Taur Matan Ruak, who will run for Prime Minister in 2017.

The problem for TMR if he doesn’t resign as President soon Gusmao’s trap will isolate TMR and his chances of success in 2017 become all but impossible.

Major General Lere Anan Timor like TMR is popular with the veterans. By joining Fretilin Lere will force many loyal veterans to turn their backs on TMR.

If TMR resigns now he can officially start campaigning thus turning the tables on Gusmao, who wants to serve his well known “two of clubs” on TMR.

A close confidante of Mari Alkatiri and Lu Olo said Gusmao is trying to manipulate both Fretilin leaders for his own reasons.

"Mari and Lu 'Olo are scared of Xanana. He has done so much to so many people they are both scared. Xanana is using Lere and Lere is too dumb or greedy to take Timorense money to realise it."

Men who have received Gusmao’s “two of clubs” include long dead former commanders; Alfredo Reinado; Leopoldino Exposto and more recently Mauk Moruk.

It is believed Gusmao continues to play power games in Timor Leste to avoid any criminal sanctions from alleged corruption and the alleged involvement in the murders of a number of people.