"A Life in Happyland" by Ted McDonnell


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A Life in Happyland" gives people a unique yet disturbing insight into the daily life in one of the world slums in Manila, and one of the worst living conditions in the world. The plight of more than 600,000 residents of Manila’s slums in suburban Tondo is getting worse. Poverty, severe malnutrition and disease is an everyday reality for the residents living within the putrid area just a few kilometres from central Manila. The worst of the conditions can be found at Tondo’s ‘Happyland’ BRGY105 where the population has grown from around 3500 in in 2006 to more than 12,000 today. Happyland is literally built around a dump, or many dumps where people daily wade through rubbish looking for anything of value. Tons of chicken scraps are collected from takeaways garbage bins; recycled by boiling then sold to hungry families in the slums for a few pesos. The stench, heat and storms create a toxic combination of disease, but inadequate government health services mean the people of Tondo’s worst slum just get sicker and sicker. The hardcover book is accompanied by a 90 plus page Ebook. All proceeds are donated to the NGOs working within Happyland. *All profits from book sales goes to the NGOs working within Happyland.

The 90 page Ebook accompanies the hard cover edition. All proceeds of the Ebook go to the NGOs.*

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"A Life in Happyland" - large landscape hard cover book (33cm x 28cm) 

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