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Journalist Jose Belo - Media laws threaten Timor Leste's freedomEast Timor on the Road to RecoveryBoy runs towards UN vehicle - Timor Leste (Winner International Loupe Award Photojournalism)Grandma minding children at market stall in Timor LesteCorruption questions rise in East Timor againChildren search through rubbish in the back streets of Dili, East TimorAn elderly women waits for a bus back to the provinces in East TimorA boy sells fish just outside Dili, East TimorEast Timor on the road to recoveryBoys play soccer in the streets of Timor LesteEast Timor on the Road to RecoveryKids in Timor LesteA young boy pushes a heavy cart at a market in Timor LesteChildren fish in Timor LesteCooling OffDili Bay, East TimorEast Timor OrphansEast Timor OrphansEast Timor OrphansEast Timor Orphans